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mPower Products

mPower Products by Modern Industries provides innovative workholding products that power greater manufacturing productivity, set-up efficiencies and operating cost reductions.  The advanced technology engineered into the mPower line of integrate workholding products offers numerous benefits.


  • The power to make set-up and fixture changes in just seconds

  • Unequalled workholding flexibility

  • Optimized machining throughput

  • Maximixe your competitive edge by reducing operating costs. 


Products offered are:


SpeedLoc - Quick Change Fixturing

  • Precision - repeatability and accuracy within .0004" or better

  • Self-Extracting - no binding or prying fixture and base plates apart

  • Recessed/Flush Mount

  • Retrofitable with competitive systems

  • Ease of use compared to shoulder bolts and dowel pins

ModLoc - Modular Tooling Columns

  • Kit construction enables quick assembly

  • Build your own columns - faster, more accurate and less expensive

  • Open architecture easily accommodates hydraulic and electrical systems

  • Serialized sets - uniquely manufactured to ensure best-fit accuracy

  • Rigid lightweight high strength design reducing overall weight

  • Strength and rigidity compared to cast tombstones

SpinLoc - Indexers

  • Simplicity - indexers are mechanically actuated by the machine tool, eliminating the need for electronic or hydraulic systems

  • Low cost operation - indexers are significantly less costly to operate vs. a typical power-driven indexer

  • Faster set-up and integration - can be integrated into fixturing systems much faster than powered systems

  • Multiple actuation options - rotary and plunger activated models

Territory: ME, NH, VT, NY, PA, MA, CT, RI, NJ, MD

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