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Caron Engineering


At Caron Engineering, our mission is to transcend the industry standard by developing advanced sensor and monitoring technology to optimize performance, productivity, and profitability for the machine tool industry. As an employee-owned entity (ESOP), we work together, combining skills and efforts, to bring the best possible service and quality to our customers, before, during, and after purchase.

It is our goal to provide leading smart manufacturing solutions to reduce cycle times, promote unattended operation, drive down tooling costs, and minimize expensive damage to machines and work-holding. Our people are in the business of developing “Adaptive Solutions for the Future of Manufacturing” through strong leadership, foresight, and diligence. At Caron Engineering, innovation is what drives us. 

Solutions include:

  • Machine Tool Monitoring & Tool Breakage Detection

  • Adaptive Control Feedrate Optimization

  • Cycle Time Reduction

  • High Precision Sensor Technology

  • Automatic Tool Wear Compensation

  • Gauge Data Processing

  • Tool Identification using RFID

  • Machine Health Monitoring & Process Diagnostics

  • Barfeeder Vibration Detection

  • Machine Status & Cycle Status Indication

  • Laser Tool Setting

  • Machine Tool Probing

Caron Engineering was established in 1986.  Our smart manufacturing products are sold worldwide and interface with nearly any CNC machine tool on the market, irrespective of builder. Our products utilize high precision sensors, and high speed data processing units to make real-time automated adjustments, optimize machining, and provide valuable information about the cutting process and health of the machine.  All systems have custom drivers for seamless communication with shop floor automation software.

You can have the comfort and guarantee of complete satisfaction with the turnkey project responsibility under one highly qualified name: Caron Engineering.

Territory: ME, NH, VT, NY, PA, MA, CT, RI, NJ

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